About Us

Chapter Objectives:

  1. Support environmental professionals and students in a manner that serves to enhance, maintain, and protect the quality of the natural and built environment.
  2. Promote objective research and education based on the best available science for the benefit of the public and environmental professionals.
  3. Represent and connect environmental professionals and students across Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties, using a variety of outreach and engagement techniques.
  4. Improve and advance the state of the art in communication, data collection, and methodologies for environmental analysis and planning.
  5. Improve public awareness and involvement in the environmental planning, analysis, and review process.
  6. Advocate for environmental justice and actively pursue strategies to improve access to the profession for all regardless of background.

Current Board Members:

Brandi Cummings - Chapter President
Lead Environmental Planner, SWCA Environmental Consultants
(805) 786-2550 / (805) 304-4201

The President conducts the overall management of the Chapter. The President is in charge of officer meetings and Chapter membership meetings, represent the Chapter before and act as liaison to other professional organizations; coordinate program, financial, and other administrative efforts of the Chapter; and represent the Chapter before interested media and public events.

Madeline Oliver – Vice President
Associate, Better World Group 

The Vice President is responsible for coordinating Chapter programs, including speakers, menu, name tags, reservations, press releases, digital media and notifications (e.g., emails, social media posts), and assisting the Chapter President as required.

Vacant – Treasurer
The Treasurer oversees the budget for the chapter and manages all chapter finances.

Haley Kolosieke – Secretary
Associate Planner, SEPSS

The Secretary takes notes at all Board meetings and is in charge of all administrative responsibilities.

John Karamitsos – Chapter Director

Chapter Director serves as a bridge between the State Board and the Chapter.  Attends all Board meetings to report on the others activities, and contribute to the advancement of organizational goals and objectives.

Program Representatives 

The Program Representatives team oversees all programs led by the chapter, including trainings and social events.

Travis Lee – Santa Barbara County Representative
Planner, Santa Barbara County Planning & Development

Megan Knight – San Luis Obispo County Representative
Environmental Planner, Rincon Consultants

Morgan Vahradian – Ventura County Representative 
Interpretive Outreach, City of Ventura 

Nicole West – Membership Director 
Supervising Environmental Planner, Rincon Consultants

The Membership Chair oversees all memberships within our chapter and is tasked with recruiting new members.

Emily Creel – Legislative Liaison
Principle Planning Team Lead, SWCA Environmental Consultants

The Legislative Liaison works with AEP’s lobbyist in Sacramento to track and comment on environmental bills as they work their way through the State Legislature, with the goal of encouraging clear and implementable laws that support the legislative intent of CEQA.

Elizabeth Moreno– Communications Director
Planner, County of San Luis Obispo Planning & Building Department 

The Communications Director updates content on the Channel Counties Chapter website and curates a social media presence.

Cassidy Williams – Student Outreach Coordinator 
Project Manager, Environmental Planner, SWCA Environmental Consultants

The Student Outreach Coordinator is the liaison between student members and the rest of the Chapter, actively engages each of the active student chapters within San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties, and promote student membership.

Jacqueline Prostman Rohr- Member At Large 
Associate II, Place Works

The Member at Large serves as a support role for the other elected officers of the Board and assist with various Chapter initiatives as needed and represent the interests of the general membership.

Student Membership Committee

All University representatives foster connections with students to let them know about upcoming events, ideas, and concerns for the chapter. They organize events, workshops, networking, and educational seminars for the student chapters.

David Parker – UCSB Bren School Advisor
Director of Career Development, UCSB Bren School

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